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Making it through the Pandemic- Kuumba Dance Ensemble Drummers and Dancers

Who knew that our last performance for Kuumba Dance Ensemble would be Thursday February 22, 2020 at Amherst Middle School in Amherst County, Va. Who knew it would be our last class at Lynchburg Parks and Recreation. Who knew, when it was just the beginning of our season of West African Dance Drumming for the community. Yes, we have a “new normal.” Our children dancers, ages 4-11 have been training Virtually with Marie Abega, Teenlite out of Mississippi. Instead of training in only African dance, our Board in collaboration with the dancers, decided to try ” Steppin” with our dancers will be in a session today at 6 pm. We’ll let you know how our 4 th session 😄😄😄

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Queen Amanda Brown
Queen Amanda Brown
Apr 16, 2020

Amré and I are doing okay! Not "great" as I usually say, but we're blessed! Still trying to wrap my head around this "New Norm" that we speak of! I thought I was doing great, until the dreams started and I started noticing anxiety creeping up when ever I was out.... And then realized, I was not great! But now I'm okay and I know with my Father's help I will be Great again! Homeschooling has been a bit of a challenge (surprisingly) it's been a little push and pull, however, I think we've finally hit our sweet spot. And prayerfully things will continue to smooth out and get even better after tomorrow (she's getting her own laptop for her…

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